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Where does data hide? End of life data usually hides in hard to find places but often it’s not as hidden as you would think. In the past year we’ve:

  • Recorded 9 times wherein a client told us there would be no data in the pick-up, yet we found data

  • Found boxes of unwiped hard drives (HDDs) that were supposedly wiped internally by the client or their vendor

  • Located HDDs in computers with multiple HDDs, with the client removing only the primary drive

  • Found drives in a server disk array the client thought were already removed and destroyed

  • Pulled newer solid-state drives (SSDs) from laptops the client thought they already destroyed

  • Cell phones which were reset and/or wiped, yet they still had data on them

A data breach is a major risk for the organizations we service. Some of the breakdowns above happened with our most tightly regulated and largest accounts. Though unfortunate, we love when this happens because it is a validation of our processes and a proof of the value we provide.

As a responsible IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) expert, we’ve built our processes to find ALL data. We assume every device holds data until we confirm it has been removed. Most of our large, sophisticated clients realize that we can do the job more effectively than their internal personnel and at less cost. We offer multiple levels of HDD and SSD data destruction. We also destroy data on cell phones, tablets, USB drives, CDs, tape media and even old floppy drives.

Complexity increases risk and our laser focus on ITAD allows us to build customized solutions to protect our client’s data and brand.

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